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The alternative to being ill doesn't have to stop at being well. Go beyond being well and discover your "Real Health"

The latest ebook by international bio-energy researchers and teachers Stephen and Lynda Kane
"Hidden Secrets of Real Health"
Full of ground-breaking information & more than 170 simple but powerful techniques of health and energy cultivation

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The remarkable Energy Eggs for environmental stress protection, wealth generation and for attracting the right loving relationships. Also the Guardian Angel family of space-clearers and bio-resonant perfect pendulums for high-quality energy testing.

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Energy Solutions

personal energy-based advice for chronic health or life problems, by phone, online or face to face

The Living Home


turn your home into a life supporting space - unique energy-aware personalised feng shui - which takes feng shui to a whole other level. Personal and online consultations available

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What some of our clients have said:

I've been learning from Stephen and Lynda's pioneering approach for seven years.

Since I started using their methods I'm able to respond with greater awareness to my own and others energetic needs.

I've experienced benefits at several levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

I'm very happy that they are beginning to make their research more widely available as I know of several people, as well as myself, who have benefited directly from their expertise in empowering people to achieve whatever level of well-being they truly desire.

In my opinion they are bringing together the best of western and eastern approaches to health and well-being in a synthesis with extraordinary potential.

Mark Feenstra, CEO

male client

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The book has had the effect of completely restructuring my life and cosnciousness

Robin W, Australia

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I used to have anxiety, mood swings, fear of being alone, nausea, nervousness, puffy eyes, hoarseness, cysts, varicose veins, hair loss, insomnia, cold hands and feet, rhinitis, acidosis ... no friends and no life.

Now I have terrific health, self-confidence, a fabulous career, wonderful friends, a fantastic home and the man of my life

What can I say? THANK YOU for everything

DL, Singer, Belgium

smiling client

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Thanks for such a wonderful book There are hours and hours of material to be studied here.

Janice K, Feng Shui consultant,

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Lynda and Stephen's methods have helped me enormously. I have learnt to recognize what gives me energy and what drains it. I have been able to let go of attachments to people, things and energies that were keeping me stuck in a life I didn't want to live.

This wasn't about denying myself - but about learning how to treat myself with real awareness, love and respect. I can listen to myself and 'hear' what I need. This practice has built my self-esteem, eased depression and freed me from eating disorders.

Without Lynda and Stephen's techniques and loving support, I would not be living the happy, successful life I have today.

Liz T, HR consultant
Auckland, NZ

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Using your techniques, I was healed of chronic, severe back, joint and muscle pain.

During the years prior to taking your advice, I had spent considerable time and money with medical professionals of various kinds, including doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, etc., but to little avail.

Within four weeks of commencing your treatment, I achieved a stable state of health and no longer required the services of any medical or health practitioners.

I then learnt to use some of your methods to heal others of many debilitating conditions including depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, emotional problems, rheumatism and asthma.

I wholeheartedly recommend the teachings and techniques you have developed.

Rob Tllett
Digital Online Technology
Bowral, NSW

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Since a year ago, our lives have become much happier.

Stacey, our ten year old daughter, was hyperactive and extremely allergic. She had attention deficit disorder and, when she wasn't drugged, she was completely out of control.

Stacey's symptoms included violent mood swings, tantrums, unprovoked physical aggression, an inability to concentrate, abdominal pains, digestive disorders and insomnia.

Today, she is a changed person - calm, happy, able to eat anything she likes and a pleasure to be with . . . we cannot thank you enough.

Annie M
Dublin, Eire

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Before you worked your "magic," I was often completely incapacitated by migraines. All I could do was lie very still, in the dark, for an entire day.

Since then, I have not had a single migraine - for over 15 years now.

IM, Suffolk, UK

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I feel that you were responsible for waking up what is becoming a larger & larger part of my identity ...

I think of you both - often with a little prayer of thanks to you & the Universe.

Mich O
New Zealand

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blonde client

Energy Awareness Trainings:

The Energy Awareness Training

If understanding what it is that makes you think, feel and act the way you do is important to you, then the Energy Awareness Training will illuminate your perception of your life in ways that you never imagined possible.

Through the unique empowerments received on the weekend, and the process of personal and spiritual development that follows, you'll develop a practical, grounded, and totally transformational ability - that of whole-body energy awareness.

This enables you to recognise, in your own right, exactly what it is that you need to do now - a precious skill that will change your life into one of deep insight and fulfilment, and your experiences into higher awareness.

The Rainbow of Happiness Training

The Vision Feng Shui Training

From: Stephen & Lynda
Real Health On Line

Are you:

bullet point Trying to maintain or improve your health rather than letting it simply decline with age?
bullet point Suffering from a health problem or symptom that hasn't been successfully treated by doctors or therapists?
bullet point Disappointed by the lack of results from exercises, health gadgets, bodywork, nutritional supplements or diets?
bullet point Confused about which foods, vitamins or other supplements are really best for you...and which you should avoid?
bullet point Concerned about electromagnetic pollution or other environmental stresses that may be affecting your health?
bullet point Interested in feng shui, vastu, geobiology, bau-biology - but not finding them to be as effective as you had hoped?
bullet point Simply low on energy or joie de vivre?

If so, you'll find lots of answers amongst the chapters of unique information and powerful techniques in our new 400 page e-book on the bio-energetics of cultivating real health:

"Hidden Secrets of Real Health"

Discover a goldmine of never-before revealed methods

bullet point How to find out which foods are harming you and which can heal ... you may be surprised. No latest diet theories, just techniques for tuning into your real needs
bullet point Save money by making sure you take only the nutritional supplements that are right for your unique energies
bullet point Choose the exercises that really benefit you - instead of those that are increasingly causing you problems - even while they make you feel good
bullet point Stop harmful environmental and electro-magnetic stresses damaging your health
bullet point Learn powerful techniques of energy awareness development
bullet point Check any energy protection device on the market to be sure that it isn't actually having the opposite effect

And this is only a fraction of over 170 original or little-known methods you can start using to radically improve your and your family's health and well-being.

Make sure your home or office isn't harming your health

bullet point Track down sources of environmental stress in your home that contribute to your health problems - and see what to do about them
bullet point Turn your home into a "Living Home" by strengthening the energies in it that are beneficial to your own health
bullet point Identify any room or area in your home where you shouldn't spend too much time - because of its negative effect on your health
bullet point Eliminate the harmful energies flowing through your home that, otherwise, damage many areas of your life, not just your health
bullet point Ensure that the house you want to buy won't harm you, your relationships or your future well-being
bullet point Discover the best areas to live - not only for your health but also for your happiness and success
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By learning the most advanced yet simplest, energy-aware
form of "feng-shui" in the Western world

You can develop the energies you need to be well -
the same ones that are getting weaker day by day

In the book you'll read:

bullet point How your body can show you what your health needs really are
bullet point Why your energy can be more critical to your health than your genes, poor nutrition, infection, pollution or any other well-known cause of disease.
bullet point Why solely depending on science can lead to disease ... and preventrecovery.
bullet point How environmental stress causes illness and prevents you from fully recovering your health.
bullet point How apparently successful treatments often cause new problems in the future
bullet point 5 Laws Of Change that determine whether each area of your life will get better or worse in any way
bullet point How to cultivate your energy - the less you have, the less any treatment can work.
And if you don't cultivate it you lose it
bullet point How all your abilities are products of your energies. And why real health is far more than just being fit
bullet point How to change your energy - and thus your life - deliberately- rather than just hoping things will get better
bullet point How you can develop your awareness of the energies that increase or reduce the level of your health ... and of your life
bullet point How you can awaken the natural but dormant powers or "talents" within you for a higher energy life
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Change your environment to change your life

Hidden Secrets of Real Health includes many stories of people who've changed their lives through Energy Awareness and Vision Feng Shui - a new, more accurate, 21st century feng shui (and much more) but without the complications and frequent long-term side-effects of the traditional forms of feng shui. You can read about:

bullet point The retiree who needed a knee operation... until she removed a mirror from her hallway (page 147)
bullet point The homemaker who, because of her crippling depression, was about to be committed to a psychiatric unit for electro-shock therapy ... until we found a harmful signal coming from a vibrating gas pipe in the street outside her home (page 40)
bullet point The composer whose migraines and work problems vanished when he took down a picture from the wall of his study (page 43)
bullet point The family that was suffering from abdominal pains and digestive disorders until they changed their kitchen tiles (page 131)
bullet point The man whose chronic insomnia was cured by slightly moving a table in his living room (page 165)
bullet point The woman who developed digestive disorders and fatigue due to the placement of some wind-chimes outside the window of her living room (page 164)
bullet point The family who were being made ill by the shape of their kitchen water pipe (page 99)
bullet point The executive who was prevented from working effectively ... until a rug was removed from his office (page 235)
bullet point The businessman whose financial problems began after his office was redesigned (page 242)
bullet point The PR consultant whose pain and bloating after eating ceased when she moved her cooker (page 207)
bullet point The client who was spending thousands of dollars per year on desensitizing injections ... until she took off her ring (page 96)

The more you perceive the energies around you, the more you can achieve previously impossible changes in yourself and your life

To help you discover the environmental stresses affecting your health and well-being, we are including, free, for a limited period of time, our Real Report:


For more information on the PEST click here

With the techniques in the PEST, you can do a complete "energy clean-up" of your home, identify and eliminate environmental stresses all around yourself, including those that elude even the most experienced professionals. Even if you've had your house dowsed or feng shui'd, you can't afford to be without this empowering information.

A second Real Report, coming soon - the Feng Shui Remedy Test - shows you how to find out if any suggested technique for improving the energy of your home or office is really good for you ... or not.


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Try it on us, risk free

Through using some of the active health energy cultivation techniques in the book, we're confident you'll notice significant improvements in your health within a short period of time. But try our methods for a full year risk-free. If, having tried our methods, you want a refund for any reason just email us and we'll happily return your purchase price.

We're so sure you'll find Hidden Secrets of Real Health invaluable that we offer you this unconditional full money-back guarantee - no questions, no quibbles - a little different from what you can expect from most off-line sources of health information or advice! :)

This is because Hidden Secrets of Real Health is much more than just a book - it's a practical manual of health energy cultivation to which you'll find yourself returning again and again, and which opens the gateway to even more powerful forms of energy cultivation . . . . you'll find it an eye-opening view into the hidden world of energy that's affecting you and your life at this very moment.

Here's to your very real health, success and happiness,

Stephen & Lynda

ps: We've found over many years that the single most important factor in someone's ability to develop real health is their desire to move beyond the stage of only trying to make problems go away after they've begun.

If you are someone who understands the importance of actively nurturing your health - just as you regularly take care of your car - with the tools in Hidden Secrets of Real Health, you'll find you can develop an extraordinary new awareness of the energies within your body and the world around you.

Hidden Secrets of Real Health
is available in Acrobat pdf format for the PC and Mac.

Price: £19.95 which includes:

bullet point The 400 page fully-indexed e-book with over 170 advanced health-cultivation techniques
(of which only a handful have been taught in our live workshops)
bullet point Membership of the Real Health Club, which includes:
  • Special Reports only for book owners
  • Personal Q&A's and Real Health FAQs
  • Energy Protection Device information and environmental stress-free health product recommendations
  • Member discounts on Energy Awareness Trainings
  • Member discounts on future publications
bullet point Your free 35 page report: THE PERSONAL ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS TEST...
Discover the harmful environmental energies affecting your health and well-being right now.

The web marketing experts
tell us this is too low a price for a book of this size
and quality (fully indexed and all original material)
but we're passionate about getting this work "out there," so it's still

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"Hidden Secrets of Real Health"

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We're committed to your personal satisfaction, wellbeing and success

p.p.s.The techniques in Hidden Secrets of Real Health not only develop your essential health-supporting energies, they can also save you a great deal of money. And you'll also protect your health by avoiding:

bullet point Expensive supplements that aren't right for you and damage your energy
bullet point Buying houses that cause future problems
bullet point Environmental stresses that cause increased healthcare costs
bullet point Ineffective environmental stress "solutions

Any one of these benefits will save you many times the cost of the book itself.

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Our unique Real Reports provide you with the unique tools that you need for discovering and using or eliminating the positive or negative environmental energies found throughout the modern world.

Real Health On Line

Hidden Secrets of Real Health is available in .pdf format for the PC and Mac.

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