Launched March 2007
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“I've had your Energy-Egg for over a year now and I must say I’ve really felt it working for me. My energy level has been much higher since I got it, I am much calmer and don't seem to get bothered with 'nonsense' anymore.

Overall everything has just been falling into place - turning out for the greater good - and I've learned to trust this process. Thank you!”
Thora Agustdottir, Iceland

After 22 years of research and development of the original Environmental Stress
, the first Energy Egg appeared in 2004. Since then, the Energy Egg has helped people all over the world recover from years of fatigue, stress and many other symptoms caused by personal vulnerability to electromagnetic fields, geopathic stresses, other peoples’ energies and many other sources of environmental stress.

The Energy Egg was already the most comprehensive and powerful personal energy protection device available but the new, second generation, ovoid Energy Egg offers much stronger energy protection from a much wider range of stresses and weakening activities (e.g. the wrong job) or relationships.

The ovoid Energy Egg was demonstrated for the first time at the Natural Trade Show in Brighton in March - along with its big brothers, the  Guardian  Angel and the Archangel. These unique energy development instruments set a completely new standard in the world of personal energy protection and recovery. 

Compared with the first generation Energy Egg, an ovoid Energy Egg:


     »     Provides more than four times as much protection against foreign energies from other people

     »     Reduces vulnerability to electromagnetic stresses by more than four times

       »     Is up to thirty times (with an Archangel) as effective for neutralising hypersensitive reactions


     »     Eliminates thousands more forms of geopathic stress, relationship stresses, electromagnetic stresses, sha-chi (stresses from objects, images, buildings or landforms), entities, stresses received through using recreational or medical drugs and foreign energies received from past lovers, that result in a lower energy (ie. more problematic) future


     »    Steadily strengthens your entire energy body (weakness in a certain chakra always precedes and maintains any chronic health problem . . .) as it gently eliminates years of accumulated stresses from the energy body & field. 


“I feel less afraid, I am saying things to people that I never would have been able to in the past . . . I'm standing up for myself more, not letting people take me for granted or make me feel bad when I have no reason to. I feel stronger & more determined to do things for myself - and I've learned patience in the last 4 months!

I don't know where I would be today if it weren't for you . . . I'd like to think I would have found my way through, but the fact is I know I wouldn't be who I am, where I am, if it weren't for you. Thanks so much for giving me back my life.” Jackie W. Australia

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  The Guardian Angel and Archangel


The new ovoid Guardian Angel and Archangel also have all of the additional properties described for the ovoid Energy Egg above. They also protect everyone in a building as well as completely clearing the space of harmful environmental stresses.


The new ovoid Guardian Angels are suitable for most two or three-bedroom homes - assuming they don’t contain very high levels of environmental stress.

The Archangel is designed for larger properties - homes, shops, practices or offices - containing high levels of environmental stress. For example, a very large three-storey farm house was recently cleared of many forms of environmental stress with one Archangel. The level of stress was such that it would have needed at least two, if not three, of the old Guardian Angels.

“Whoever uses these devices will find themselves having increasing energy and hikers will undoubtedly discover they can take on longer or harder routes if they wish to go to their limits.

Ultimately, these devices are the most potent tools I know to assist people towards full consciousness . . . Considering their potency . . . I regard their price as small beer.”
Philip G, Exeter

Also, a company's offices, spread over three floors, required an Archangel in a room with the highly stressful computer servers and WiFi system plus a satellite standard Guardian Angel for other areas of the building.


When an Energy Egg is connected to a Guardian Angel or Archangel it’s called an Angel Egg. An ovoid Angel Egg has a number of additional functions listed below.



angel eggs Strengthen Your Energy Body


The ovoid Angel Egg automatically generates additional bioenergetic resonances - subtle energy wave forms, many of which are similar to those contained in homeopathic, gem or flower remedies - automatically in response to acute or chronic losses of energy from your energy body. These resonances help to increase your energetic capacity - your ability to hold onto your energy. The more energy you hold in your energy body, the less vulnerable you become to environmental, relationship or psychological stresses.



Angel eggs Clear Entities 


Many people have some awareness of energies commonly referred to as “entities.” They often cause trouble of one kind or another - to your health, relationships, security, etc.. An entity remains present in an environment because its energy is contained or held by something there. For example, a family that was given a large African mask as a gift placed it at the top of the stairs. Subsequently, three cats were run over, the wife fell down the stairs twice and the husband narrowly survived a serious car crash. The security stress that was present on the stairs disappeared once the mask had been removed.

The manager of my local health shop says that since she bought an Energy Egg her relationship with her daughter has changed. Whereas she used to wind her up it now goes straight over her head - even her husband noticed it - so this in turn has caused her daughter to behave differently!

They have a tetra mast not far from the shop, so we tested to see its effect on her, with and without the Eegg, with great results!"
Elaine M, Henley

Not everyone wants or can afford a Living Home but you can use an Angel Egg to help clear entities from your environment by holding it with all your fingertips and thumbs while tapping one end five times on top of your Guardian Angel or Archangel. Then, while still looking at your Guardian Angel or Archangel, blow on your Angel Egg five times. The Angel then emits a pulse of energy to eliminate any entities held within your environment.


Please note that, because it's more powerful, the Archangel eliminates more types of entity than the Guardian Angel.

  angel eggs Beckon Your Fortunes to you


Five forms of ki (qi, chi) entering your crown chakra, directly affect the ups and downs of your life. These are your five fortune ki’s: your wisdom, strength, happiness, success and awareness. As your fortune ki’s enter your crown they are distributed throughout your body. How much of each fortune ki you hold, in each area of your body, determines how much of each kind of fortune you experience in different areas of your life.


Thus, for example, if you experience confusion in your close relationships, you lack wisdom in your heart chakra; if you experience failure in your work, you lack success in your 3rd chakra; if you experience chronic fatigue you lack inner strength in your 4th chakra . . . and so on. We discuss these issues in personal consultations.


A powerful way of cultivating all your fortunes, to help you generate a higher energy future, is to practise a simple exercise or weave, called the “Winds of Time,” with an ovoid Angel Egg in your left pocket. This weave, practised for 10 minutes daily, can double your crown’s reception of the fortune ki’s. If you own an ovoid Angel Egg, please ask for details of the Winds of Time weave.

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